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Story of An Artist

Victoria Blak - Abstract Cubism artist with an extensive career of 12+ years. Exquisite art collection 100+ various pastel and acrylic paintings. Victoria's collection of  two dimensional paintings comes to life in 3D with special glasses and strobing lights. Exotic and eccentric custom frames finish off each piece for a unique and captivating one of a kind experience. Due to the immense level of detail and perspective of each artwork you will never see the same piece twice...

"Relative Perspective: Everything"


Aztec Mural

Victoria Blak Fine Art Collection

Abstract Cubism


Abstract Cubism is not a term of forgiveness... the hard lines and sharp colors arrest the mind for a prolonged time... The perspective built into this collection dives into dimensions unknown. Relative familiarity and simplicity of the sphere the cube and the electric shock. This pastel collection is more than exclusive. The Mafiosos will tell you nothing.

Figurative Abstracto


Not a fruit, flower or vase on site. Figurative can be a thing of numbers... Here the creatures come to play in an earthly paper plane. As much as a heart can say so do words and paint. Pastel and acrylic abstractions with a smooth finish. Right side down and sunny side up.

Abstract Primitives


The small world of atoms, cells, spheres and ethereal structures. Where time and space do not exists.

Digital Minimalism


Let's come clean on these... Digital minimalism is clear of all faults. Mechanical to the test. Here you'll see perfect lines and movement of spheres through space. The name of each piece gives a true insight of these vector outlines.

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